Vila Real

Vila Real is a Portuguese city, capital of Vila Real district, located in the North region of Portugal, about 400 km away from Lisbon, and 95 km away from Porto.  Specifically the city is situated on the right bank of the river Corgo, a tributary of the river Douro, on a plateau surrounded by mountains.

The city is head of a municipality, formed by 30 parishes. The municipality’s population is around 50,000 inhabitants, on area of approximately 377 km2. Regarding the city itself, the urban perimeter is about 36 km2, and the city’s population is around 24500 inhabitants. The population density is 676,3 inhab./ km2.

The city is well serve

The prime location of Vila Real, at the crossroads of roads with other major cities in North Portugal, Porto – Brangança and Viseu – Chaves, allows the city to have a sustained economic growth.

The graph below indicates the modal share per distance of the city.