Castelo Branco

Photo: Duarte Fernandes Pinto

Castelo Branco is a Portuguese city located in the center of the country, specifically in region Centro, sub-region of Beira Interior Sul. The city is at a distance of 220 km of Lisbon (capital of Portugal) and 290 km away from Porto (second most important city in Portugal).

The municipality is formed by 25 parish with a population of 55709 inhabitants. It is one of the largest municipalities in Portugal with 1439 km2 and it’s bounded, in the south, with Spain.

The city itself is made up of one parish with a population of 30537 inhabitants, on an area of 17,5 Km2, and a population density of  1744,97 inhab./ Km2.

The municipality of Castelo Branco is part of an important axis of development of the inland corridor of transport streams. Therefore, the city is considered one of the most important urban centers in the region, resulting in an increased linkage between the city and the surrounding municipalities.

The graph below indicates the modal share per distance of Castelo Branco.