Case Studies

We are structuring this project with four different research institutions to explore the knowledge each one has from the cities from their region, and also using the knowledge acquired in a previous research project, in which they have already worked together within the field of transport and land use interactions.

The medium-sized cities chosen as a case study were: Santarém, Castelo Branco, Faro and Vila Real.

Below is the location of the case studie cities.

See Case Studie Cities in a larger map.

Regarding the public transport system of each city, this consists, basically, of a bus network, integrated with the train network.

Relatively to the modal split in the case studie cities, the car (as a driver) is the most widely mean of transport used. Walking is the second most used mode of transport, followed by the car, as a passenger. The use of public transport represents only a small fraction in all cities.

Below is a graph with the modal split from each case studie city, from Lisbon (Portugal’s capital) and Portugal.