ArcGIS Toolboxes

We have developed 6 toolboxes in ArcGIS 10.1 to calculate 35 built environment indicators, grouped into 6 distinct categories:

1) Density: Housing Density; Building Density; Gross Floor Area Ratio; Housing Gross Floor Area Ratio;

2) Diversity: Percentage of Single Family Buildings; Percentage of Residence Dwellings; Percentage of Area Occupied by Activities; Urban Complexity;

3) Design: Surface of Buildings; Surface of Motorized Circulation; Surface of Parking; Surface of Facilities; Surface of Patios; Percentage of Pedestrian Area; Averages Width of the Pedestrian Path; Green Space Area Ratio; Parking Space per Dwelling;

4) Connectivity: Node Density; Pedestrian Shed Ratio; Straightness; Average Link Length;

5)Accessibility: Distance to the Closest Transit Stop; Transit Supply in the Closest Transit Stop; Transit Frequency; Distance to the Closest Activity; Average to Closest n Activities; Number of Activities; Commercial Continuity;

6)Topography: Percentage of Area with less than 8% Slope


This indicators are calculated using a Floating Catchment Area for each building, measured with network distance. Download toolbox for ArcGIS 10.0 and ArcGIS 10.1 and latest versions.

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Model tool of Density: